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Snake Large Ring

18ct Gold Plated

This stunning ring acts as a powerful reminder of the choice you have to experiment, grow and transform! Embrace opportunities to find open doors and create a better version of yourself, at every opportunity.

This ring wraps around your finger, slithering down to embellish and adorn any hand. It is one of our best-selling rings because it adjusts to any finger size and shape. Everyone instantly falls in love with this beautiful creature as it glides gracefully along your hand. Who wouldn’t? 

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Miphologia Jewelry is a brand designed to suit your personality.

A brand that believes in the strength of basic quality accessories and leaves in the hands of each customer what charms to include in their chain, bracelet or earring. ¿The result? A timeless quality product, very personal, as it aims to convey the essence of oneself. Bring out all the creativity in you and express all that you are through Miphologia Jewelry.

We aim to establish a strong connection with nature, which is our main source of inspiration. Creating a new product while striving to reduce the harmful impact on nature can be a challenge, but it is our key principle.