Jewelry Care & Materials

Most of our jewelry is made of Silver 925 with 18ct Gold Vermeil and Rhodium Plating. To ensure you are able to enjoy your Miphologia Jewelry for years to come, you need to care for our collections it by following the tips below:


Keep your jewelry away from water. Do not leave it next to a heater, window, in the path of air-conditioning or in the bathroom. Remove before bathing.


Avoid sweat: remove all jewelry before exercising or other physical work as sweat causes the jewelry to tarnish.


Stay away from cosmetics: make sure you apply perfume and make-up prior to your jewelry as these will tarnish the metal.


Storing jewelry in original pouches or boxes is the best way to keep it protected. As well as using jewelry boxes with enough space for each piece separate.

Our Materials


Sterling silver is a unique alloy made from 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. All our pieces are plated in 18ct Gold Vermeil and Rhodium. These pieces need to be kept in their original box or pouch will ensure your sterling silver jewels retain their natural beauty for years to come.


Cubic Zirconia is a high-quality replica of natural diamonds, and can be even brighter than the real thing! Don’t forget to follow our care tips to save CZ magic sparkle.


Our pearls are cultured or farmed following ethical guidelines. So you can enjoy our fresh take on this timeless jewels! To let its beauty last longer avoid cosmetics and contact with sharp surfaces.