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Figa Charm

18ct Gold Vermeil

Antique figa jewelry is known around the world, particularly in Italy and Brazil, and vintage figa amulets are popular with collectors worldwide. Their meaning has evolved through the ages from something offensive, to a symbol of good luck and prosperity. The gesture it portrays is reputed to be so ‘obscene’ that it scares away evil! Whether you believe it is an unpleasant gesture or a protective talisman, it still carries relevance today. Wear it on a chain or on hoops, and carry good fortune wherever you go!

*Chain is not included. Choose one as an additional product or discover the full selection of bases here.

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Our Materials

All the pieces are unique designs and made with love, crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with 18ct Gold Vermeil and Rhodium. 

Gold Vermeil and gold-plating are similar processes. But vermeil has much thicker gold layer and metal underneath is sterling silver. Due to this reasons last longer than gold-plated jewelry, but can still need a special care to prevent tarnish.